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About us


Our winery is located in the heart of Molise, where every glimpse reveals the beauty and fertility of the land.
The history of this company is a tale of old time: fathers waking up at sunrise to farm the fields with their own hands and sons following in their parents’ footsteps, adding value to their heritage.
Our origins date back to more than 60 years ago, when Mr. Michele Di Tullio established his farm in Campomarino.

Nicola Di Tullio, Michele’s son, had the intuition to promote the wine-making products of the land, creating Cantine Di Tullio with the help of his wife Susanna Toschi.

With the support of his sons Michele and Luca they made it a successful organization. Through the family expertise and by integrating new installations he managed to create a quality business, appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Cantine di Tullio rose from an ex airfield for spitfires that in the past was flown over by English, Danish and Irish pilots. People from those countries to this day come here to celebrate the end of the war and enjoy an excellent wine. Our products are characterized by passion, vocation, love for our territory and we are proud to share them with people from all over the world.


A history of tradition and innovation.

Cantine di tullio is located on the coast of Campomarino, in Molise, in perfect harmony with the environment. For years the company has devoted its labour to working the land achieving great results.

From his passion for nature and his steady attention, Mr. Nicola gave life to a wine-making project of remarkable quality, obtaining an exquisite nectar from his grapes that has been appreciated by many. The care in the processing of the grapes, a mix of tradition and innovation, makes Di Tullio’s wines very sought-after, with their strong distinctive flavour reminiscent of their land.