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Falanghina 757 - Spumante brut



Data sheet

Spumante brut 757 is the sparkling wine from Falanghina grapes recommended for parties and the happy moments we can find in every occasion.

The features of the vine are enhanced in the production techniques to obtain a crystal clear colour, a subtle yet lasting perlage, a scent of apples and exotic fruits, a sapid and harmonious taste.

Spumante brut 757 is one of a kind and does not make compromises. It represents the austerity of the history of its vine combined with modernity’s imagination.

It is great for aperitifs and snacks based on cheese; it’s also ideal to pair with the whole meal in addition to joyful toasts.

Tintilia del Molise Rosso DOC
Cianaluca Molise Rosso DOC
Cianaluca Molise Bianco I.G.T.


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